I'm the CEO of Arcascope. We make science-backed apps to help people fix their sleep and circadian rhythms. I got my Ph.D in Applied Mathematics from the University of Michigan in 2016 and have studied the mathematics of sleep for the last ten years. Outside of sleep, I'm co-editor of Political Geometry, a volume on the mathematics of gerrymandering, with Moon Duchin. My webcomic, Imogen Quest, is available online, as is my mini-comic You Can Try Again. Read more on my blog or check out my C.V.


Mathematical modeling of subconscious vision
My Ph.D work focused on mathematical modeling subconscious vision; i.e. any visual processing that occurs without our active awareness. Under this umbrella, I've worked on optimal control of the circadian clock, model identifiability from a differential algebra perspective, modeling retinal cells, and mobile app data collection.
As part of my research, I developed the mobile application Entrain, which provides mathematically optimal schedules of light and dark to travelers crossing time zones. Entrain is free, and users can opt-in to anonymously submit their data back to the University of Michigan for research purposes.
I've taught Calculus I and II and been a course assistant for Calc III. I've also helped teach summer programs for M-Sci and MMSS, and created a camp for MIDAS.


Entrain helps travelers get over jet lag by recommending when to seek and avoid light.
Squigglish is an iOS app that animates line drawings by making them very slightly wiggly.
Sketch Anything
Sketch Anything is a web and iOS app that automatically turns images into step-by-step drawing guides.
A VR-compatible app for low vision patients developed with Matt Jacobs and Kwoon Wong.
I Am Calculus
An app my students and I made during M-Sci 2014 that teaches basic definitions needed for calculus through straight-forward multiple choice questions.
At Which Location
A goofy "Where's Waldo?" generator I made. You provide a picture, it adds a red and white hat to a random face it finds.
Turns blocks of text into a multiple choice quiz to make it so you have to think while you read.
Holiday RNN
For Christmas 2015, I used Andrej Karpathy's char-rnn code to generate a holiday album based on music in the ABC file format.
Sleep F.A.Q.
I illustrated the AskScience answers on sleep and circadian of my friend, Andrew Phillips
Old Sleep Studies
I maintain a selection of some of my favorite old sleep studies, one of which inspired 205.
Integral Invaders
Space Invaders-style game made with David Renardy to teach Calc II students which integration technique to try.
Productivity Pony
Shame yourself into writing by starving a cute pony when you don't (Caveat: Have not touched in 5 years; probably won't work on new machines).
Thingiverse Profile
Some STL files I've made


Imogen Quest
My webcomic
Some Myths About Math
Featuring math myths, and some fairytales
Inspired by Pasnau et al., 1968.
Comics I've drawn about the methods scientists employ to do science
Math/Art Explainers
From the MMSS camp on Art and Mathematics, 2016
World Walkers Podcast
My beloved Dungeons and Dragons 5e group
Right now, this points to a comic I made for The Last Word on Nothing! Adding more soon.