Draw Anything

Using Fourier series to generate step-by-step art tutorials.

For centuries, scientists have been using Fourier series to break complicated signals down into simpler ones. Why shouldn't artists be able to do the same thing? Draw Anything uses Fourier approximations of parameterized images to plot the evolution of a line drawing from simple shapes to a final product. Using the app, you can make your own how-to-draw guides for anything you want to learn how to draw.

Draw Anything was made by Olivia Walch and Matt Jacobs using Wolfram Cloud. Many thanks to the Wolfram MHacks representatives, the awesome MHacksV organizers, and Michael Trott for his inspiring blog post.

Sample sketching tutorials

All of the following were generated without human guidance using DrawAnything. Click on the images to see it in full size:

Website by Olivia Walch, 2015. App made in 36 hours as part of MHacks V at the University of Michigan.